Robotics is a rapidly developing industry. Being able to quickly, consistently and precisely perform a variety of repetitive tasks, robots can save labor costs while increasing productivity and quality. To operate safely and accurately, a robot must be able to sense the world around it. Millimeter wave radar can be a primary or supplementary technology for this purpose. The Omniradar one chip radar is a cost-effective way of sensing with millimeter accuracy, perfect for collision avoidance and proximity sensing.

The radar can work in complete darkness, does not get confused by bright light or black colours. It can operate in several, for camera, ultrasonic or PIR sensors difficult, weather conditions such as fog, rain or hail.

With the help of RIC60A you can determine not only range but speed and direction of arrival as well. A key feature of millimeter-wave radar is the ability to differentiate objects that are very close together and have varying material compositions. The RIC60A can recognize shapes and materials as well. Perfect for conveyer belt carrying numerous products, of driving industrial robots.